The band has a simple formation due to its instruments (guitar, bass and drums). The band evokes the Touch of 50s. The slight difference is that besides the usual rhythm of Swing and Bossa nova, the group also play Afro-American rhythm like Guaguancó (Cuba), Festejo (Perú) or Funk (U.S.A) principally on the rhythmic section (bass and drums). Waldemar Parra Trio has her origin in the year 2001 in City of Cologne - Germany. Three friends Stefan Ludman of Cologne, Jaime Gamero of Lima and Fabian Berghofer of Wiesbaden. The first CD RACES was recorded in Cologne under the production of Fern-Record. In February, 2002 Waldemar Parra Trio moves to city of Viña del Mar - Chile , where new musicians Rodrigo Benítez on drums and Rodrigo Rivera on bass are welcome to play in the Band, both from Valparaíso - Chile. These new friends make possible the second CD.